The Chaos of Balance–Kenneth Kao

A man searching for a balanced life has many stories.

I Bought a Pole

Steve Stewart, a good friend of mine, has given me another quotable quote:

“Ken is taking pole classes. It’s basically what strippers would do if strippers were ninjas.”


Yes, sort of—not really.

Regardless, I’ve purchased a pole.  My mind runs rampant on the jokes that you are probably already forming(“that’s what she said”).  But yes, it’s true.  My studio is moving to a bigger and badder place.  They are selling their old poles at discount.  And since I found around $215 on an old paypal account and the owner wanted $250 from the original $400-ish that the pole would’ve cost new—I said yes.

It’s securely pressure-mounted and it spins, and I have the space for it.  That’s about all that matters, right?  So, beware the spinning monkey in the living room(me).  Because after I get back from a China trip, I’m totally tearing it up.


Oh yeah, I’m going to China for 3 weeks.  Cool, right?


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