The Chaos of Balance–Kenneth Kao

A man searching for a balanced life has many stories.

Taos Toolbox 2013

This is a late announcement, but I was notified that I was accepted into Taos Toolbox 2013 at the beginning of the month.  It’s this 2 week writers’ workshop that’s a “master class for writers”.  In other words, not for newbs.  I’m thrilled to get in; I wasn’t even sure I’d make it.  But yay for giving the application a shot.  Additionally, my fellow Odyssey grad, Jessica Lin, also got in.  For us, it’s gonna be a mini-reunion/meet lots of other writers bonus.  The workshop is expensive, and I don’t know if I really had the funds to make it happen, but I’ve learned so much at the other workshops I’ve been to (Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp and Odyssey Writers’ Workshop) that either I’m a workshop junky–or they really work.  Lastly, I’m beginning to think that I’m not just a fluke after being accepted into 3 of the most established workshops around.  Who woulda thought?

Here’s the link if you still want to apply; I think they are still accepting for the workshop:


If you’re also going, shoot me a message and say hi!


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