The Chaos of Balance–Kenneth Kao

A man searching for a balanced life has many stories.

Sale! “Make Believe,” to Toasted Cake Podcast

Just sold a story to Toasted Cake Podcast called, “Make Believe.”  This was a story I believed in, but could never seem to get past that “almost, but not quite” point, and after going through the pro paying markets for about a year, I decided that I’d give Tina’s awesome podcast a shot before I tried the rest of the pro-markets.  I’m pleased to say that after a mere 30 day wait, it sold.  I can’t wait for it to be read and the more I think about it, the happier I am to have her fantastic voice and excellent interpretation skills behind it.


Woot for my 2nd sale of the year already!  Oh yeah–I never blogged about the other one.  I sold “Evolution of a Thread,” to Suddenly Lost in Words back in January.  That one was unique because, almost as a dare/mockery of my amazingly talented author friend, Steve Stewart, who can write from nearly any POV and make you cry–I thought I’d write from the POV of a thread.  A string.  I thought it was a lost cause, who’d buy a story with such a strange POV?  But it did, and it’s supposed to be out sometime this spring.  So yay for that as well.




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