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2nd Pole Dance Performance!

Here’s my 2nd pole dancing performance! I’m told (fuzzy memory aside) that the poles were knocked 1/4th of an inch off, the trusses ended up carrying significantly uneven weight (one had 4 times the weight of the rest?), and 3-4 pins of stuff broke/fell loose during the performance. This makes me happy for some unexplained and adrenaline related reason, probably because it affirmed the necessity of the trusses for the performance. While I still have a lot to work on, I’m proud of this performance, particularly because it’s my first attempt at choreography and I intentionally avoided repeating any tricks from the first performance. While this is probably the last time I’ll ever try picking and choosing moves based on a prior performance, I’m happy that it came together.

Lastly, you’ll notice the youtube title. Yup, I’m using the video as my submission for the Pole Expo 2013 Pole Classic competition in Vegas this September. I’m trynig to compete in my first year of pole…very scary. But, why not? So please feel free to share this and show some youtube support to try to muscle them into letting me compete! Just kidding…maybe.

Thanks everyone!


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