The Chaos of Balance–Kenneth Kao

A man searching for a balanced life has many stories.

Americans are Afraid of Friendship

Friends Romance.  Bromance.  Lezzbian. Our society is defined by sexuality, as if sexuality is a race or some kind of fated category of who we are. Some of this has … Continue reading

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My wife and had a photo shoot out in Hong Kong couple months ago.  Michael Loh Photography.  This is one of my favorite pics that came from it.  Shot in … Continue reading

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Iron-X Extreme

Meet Hannah, the tiniest girl at the pole studio.  Isn’t this a cool Christmas pic?  Too bad I was exhausted after 3 hrs of poling before we came up with … Continue reading

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The Trickster’s Bones by Kenneth Kao :: Buzzy Mag – Sci-Fi News, Reviews, Interviews and Original Fiction.

It’s up!  This was a story I sold to Buzzy Mag in July, written as a Halloween contest story with Codex Writers.  I’m pleased to see it published.  Please share/like … Continue reading

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I Bought a Pole

Steve Stewart, a good friend of mine, has given me another quotable quote: “Ken is taking pole classes. It’s basically what strippers would do if strippers were ninjas.”   Yes, … Continue reading

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Cast Backflip

New move at the gym today. Cast backflip.

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Male Pole Dancing– Breaking the Mold, Changing the Stigma

Sooo, I’m way obsessed about pole dancing now.  No, it’s not what you think: I’m not going to check out girls, I’m not hoping to get laid, and my wife … Continue reading

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